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If you have been following this site for a while, you may have seen my posts about Tether Tools Air Direct.  An amazing product that lets you tether your camera wirelessly while the computer thinks you have a cable attached!  That way you have full live view, camera control, etc… while being wireless.  AMAZING.  If you tether, this is AMAZING.  Especially if you put your camera in places where you don’t have direct access.  (elevated shots, remote cameras, etc…)

I also discovered a new use for the Air Direct since it doesn’t work in catalina yet.  (see below for those details)

You can use the Air Direct as a router to connect your E-M1X or E-M1.3 wireless to your computer… using the camera’s wireless connection.  To do this connect the computer’s wifi to the Air Direct 5GHZ signal.  Then connect the camera’s wireless to the Air Direct.  It works great.  Very fast as well.  And then you don’t even need the Air Direct on the camera since it’s not actually connected in the traditional way.  This is great, even for the time being.

Tether Tools also just updated the ADU software and firmware and added some features.  It still does not work with Catalina…but there is a great new feature.  You can bridge to an existing wireless network.  That way you can keep internet while connect with the Air Direct.  This is great for the non-catalina users.

–Quick History if you aren’t up to speed, skip this if you are!–

Days after it started shipping Apple updated it’s Catalina OS and changed the way the internals for USB work or something technical I don’t understand and it broke tethering from every camera period.  After two months they finally released an update for Catalina that fixed this.  It DID NOT fix the connection that the Air Direct uses however.  So if you run Catalina, the Air Direct has been useless.  It just doesn’t function.  Very frustrating.  It works fine on Mojave and earlier, and on Windows machines.  So if that is you, this product is great.  Problem is I upgraded my laptop to a 16MBP just for this product and it came with catalina, and yes… im stuck now.  Hopefully this gets resolved soon.  We are at 5 months already…

–End Quick History!–

Have you gotten an Air Direct?  What’s been your experience with it?




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