Olympus Repairs, Issues, and Firmware Updates

I offer this section as a quick access reference.  I know how frusterating it can be to browse manufacturer sites looking for what you need.  It’s even worse having to browse the internet for things sometimes if the manufacturer no longer lists it either.  The links are all pointing the the US version of the Olympus site.  To those of you outside the United States you can try this page to link to your country’s Olympus page and click on support from there.

Manuals, Brochures, and other Downloads

Olympus OM-D Manuals & Downloads

Olympus Pen Manuals & Downloads


Olympus Repair Tracking

Olympus Pro Advantage (US)

Olympus Repair & Service Order Form

Current Web Order Repair Tracking


Olympus Firmware

Olympus Firmware Updater

How to update your Firmware (Olympus site)

Olympus Firmware Updating Tutorial Video (My Video)

Olympus M43 Joint Firmware Update Page

E-M1X Firmware History

E-M1 mkIII Firmware History

E-M1 mkII Firmware History

E-M1 Firmware History

E-M5 mkIII Firmware History

E-M5 mkII Firmware History

E-M5 Firmware History

E-M10 mkIII Firmware History

E-M10 mkII Firmware History

E-M10 Firmware History

Pen-F Firmware History

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