Why this site?

Why this site exists:

Simply because I believe that there are some amazing tools available to photographers at the moment.  And for the first time in a long time a specific brand has begun offering tools that for me have made a large impact in the way I work.  I keep finding myself being amazed that I could make certain shots, in the way I did with these tools, that I couldn’t have with something else in the same way.  I think a lot of people could benefit from realizing the potential of their tools. David DuChemin says, “Gear is good, Vision is Better!”  I wholeheartedly agree…and finally there is gear that gets out of the way and allows me to realize and blossom my vision in ways I wasn’t able to before.  That’s good gear.  Especially when you no longer feel the need to find anything else.


Who’s this site for:

Amateurs, professionals, hobbyists, photo-mom’s & dad’s…I don’t care why you love photography.  That fact that you do, and that you want to make sure you are getting the best out of what you have is what brings us here together.  I interact with people from all backgrounds of photography, all different genres, with all different goals every day.  I am not going to try to overly tailor this site to one segment.  However, due to my own shooting preferences, some subjects may get more attention than others at certain times.  If you are interested in something, just give me a shout!  This is not a site for trolls and negative people.  Everyone comes from a different background and level, and we all started from the same place.  That’s ok.  This craft would have never gotten to where it is if no one ever helped and encouraged their fellow.  We don’t live in a vacuum.  Again, this site is focused on Olympus primarily.  If you don’t use Oly gear…thats ok too, i’m sure there will be things that apply to you as well in photographic terms.  However…that will be the focus here.  So no getting upset that I didn’t compare the new Olympus to the latest Sony, or review the latest Leaf Digital Back, etc.. etc…I may, or I may not. Again, if you request something nicely, I might be able to make it happen!


What can I expect:

You can expect a collection of resources and tips about getting the most out of these cameras.  Olympus has really allowed an immense amount of customization far beyond what most others offer.  This makes for a lot of options and combinations that most people don’t think of.  It also makes for an amazing user experience or a really frustrating one.  Expect a lot of ways to make setting your camera up a great experience.  Expect some reviews, some niche articles, image examples and ways to improve processing Olympus files, expect feature explanations and how to extract the best from them, and lots more.  This site will be updated regularly, so check back often!


What’s different about this site:

I try to be objective about the way I work.  I also actually work as a professional photographer.  I earn my living by shooting commercial work.  That means I actually have to use my equipment every day in situations I might never have if I was just shooting for myself.  It means stuff breaks, it means I rent…often, it means I have to get creative when a shoot starts going wrong, it means I have to rely on equipment actually working.  That gives me a different perspective of equipment.  I also believe in long term use.  I see a lot of reviews online where people got a promo weekend with the gear.  Not knocking anyone…I read those too.  And they are great…but an option that has grown and developed after a year of living with something can often change.  I am going to do my best to give updates to any reviews as needed, and really share my perspectives that have matured and had time to go deeper in use.


Why is there some non-Olympus related stuff on this site?

I started a personal photography blog a while back.  It only seemed to run and get updated why I wasn’t busy with my clients.  (a lot of us can share that sentiment…)  However, a lot of the posts still get traffic and emails from people.  Especially the pocket wizards fix.  Also, some of the reviews about the bags, and even the lenses can still apply to micro four thirds systems with an adapter.  I figured in an offshoot way, its not totally irrelevant.  So I decided to give the entire site a makeover and rebirth it into the site it currently is.  Made more sense.  This blog was focused on Leica cameras before as that is what I used personally much of the time. Well, I love them, they feel amazing, they make amazing images…but I sold off my Leica gear to pay for a full Olympus setup and couldn’t be happier.  Best decision I ever made.  And honestly, one of the deciding factors for me choosing between Leica and Olympus…Minimum Focusing Distance.  We’ll talk about that more later.  Posts prior to late 2015 are pretty much from the older site.  Anything after that is new for this site.


Affiliation and full disclosure:

Full disclosure, I find ads and affiliate programs a little icky if they are solely for the purpose of profit.  I am an affiliate with Amazon, Smugmug and ThinkTank because I use them on a daily basis.  I offer their affiliation for you as a convenience.  I have gained great benefit and found them all having amazing support.  I recommend them because I love them.  In this case, the affiliation is one I am proud of, and your support goes a long way in helping to keep this site running, especially since it takes a lot of time, work, and money.  Yes I am a pro photographer.  Pro photo is not easy, and any time I take away from running a real business it means a potential loss of income to get the bills paid. Your support fuels this as a resource that you can utilize and enjoy and allows me to invest time here to ensure it’s worth it.  If this site can pay for itself and give a little to charity, i’ll be quite grateful. Thank you in advance.