Olympus Feature Requests

These are my main requests after really spending time with Olympus cameras.  I would love t see them integrated.  Especially at a pro level.  Come on Olympus…

Feel free to leave a comment with your most desired request.  And maybe we can try to keep comments realistic, without trolling, negativity, and being ridiculous.  No…Olympus won’t be releasing a 7-150 F/0.75 Pro zoom that is the size of a 25mm prime and weighs less at the same time.  Not until new physics is discovered at least.


User-loadable MySets

Released with the E-M1 mkII!  Thanks Olympus!  Custom sets are user savable and loadable through the camera updating software.

Self-Timer Before HDR

Why can we not set a self timer or pre-shutter delay when shooting HDR?  We get locked to high-speed shutter.  High speed shutter is fine.  I prefer it even, since it makes handheld HDR brackets more  consistent.  However…when Im on a tripod i’de like to be able to have the camera fire AFTER a delay…and not while my finger is still pushing on the camera and creating vibration.  A cable release helps as it gets your finger away from the camera, and the OI Share app has a remote release function, but what if I have neither of those with me.  Especially when I do panoramas and 360-degree shots.  The downward facing shot especially.  I would really love to see this implemented.  It makes no sense since there is a pre-shutter delay in EVERY OTHER MODE.  Even Hi-Res has a pre-shutter delay!  Come on Olympus!

Custom My-Menu

I would love to have a custom menu that is user set.  So basically a 10-slot menu where each slot is user selectable.  You would select a slot and then run through any of the custom options available in the entire menu system and make a selection.  That option would now appear in your custom quick access menu.  This would allow a user to collect their 10 most frequently used custom options in a quick access location.  I actually like the Olympus menu layout, and to me it makes sense based on such depth.  This would make the cameras even faster to use.

No-Delay Setting Changes

Part 1 was fixed with the release of the E-M1 mkII!  (When you hit a button to call up ISO, or White Balance, or anything, it takes a moment.  This delay needs to be REMOVED.  It needs to be instantaneous.)

Second, when you are in ISO, you need to exit out before you can call up AF settings or some other function.  This needs to be REMOVED.  We need to be able to switch straight from one adjustment to the next, and with no delay.  If Olympus can process insane hi-res shots and focus stacking together in camera…i know they can switch menus without delay.

We are almost there!

Save All Settings

Released with the E-M1 mkII!  Done from the camera updater software.

Video recording and dual card compatibility

When you are in video mode you can only choose data to be recorded to slot 1 or 2.  You no longer have any of the dual card options for redundancy or backup.  It would be great to have this.  Even a mirroring option that happens after recording has stopped.  I assume this was done since only slot 1 can handle the fastest cards…but why not at least have a way to get backups happening automatically? (this dual card issue was pointed out by a reader!  Thanks Gummi!)


The E-M1 mkII saw a lot of my requests fixed.  I will see what new ones I have after using the camera for a while!

What about yours?  Leave a comment below!


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11 thoughts on “Olympus Feature Requests

  1. I have a request they could easily do in firmware update. I’d like to be able to turn off the blue shadow blinkies, but leave the red highlight blinkies on. I like to shoot in black and white mode with heavy shadows using the curve tool so I can see the lines well (shooting in raw). If I have the blinkies on then all those shadows are blue and distracting. I only care about over exposure in most of my shots.

    1. I’de think this would be a great option to have. They let us tune when the highlight and shadow blinkies activate…why not just have an off function on each one too? Good idea to me.

    1. Yes, I miss it as well. Visually I think I just like seeming a smaller point. I find the AF points are still quite accurate, if not more so on the mkII. They seem to be in between the size of the mkI large and small.

  2. I’ve only been an Olympus user for a couple of months. I have an E-M1 (Mk1) and a PEN-F.
    I wonder when a firmware update will be available for the PEN, that allows in-camera bracketing as per the E-M1. When I purchased the PEN, I was confuse with the difference between focus stacking and focus bracketing, so ended up purchasing a (just) used E-M1 to carry on with until the PEN was brought up to speed!
    I’m not likely to upgrade to the E-M1 II, since many of the new features are not necessary for my style of shooting, and the Mk1 is more appropriate (would have been nice to have the 20Mp sensor though!)

    1. The Pen has all the bracketing features except the 8-shot auto-alignment of the focus stack. I’m not sure this will get upgraded due to hardware limitations. The E-M1’s always seem to carry more horsepower. Olympus stated upon firmware release that it was an exclusive feature to the E-m1. Maybe this will change in the future. Between those two cameras however you have an excellent setup and access to the High-Res mode if ever needed. The E-m1 is an amazing performer all the way around and the sensor on the pen F is excellent. Lovely colors.

  3. Im doing a lot of HDR within buildings, nothing moving…
    Actually it is not possible to combine the HDR settings (mostly 5f 2ev) with the HighRes Mode. These HR pictures from interiors ( ie old libraries ) are amazing, but are even better with HDR. At the moment I have to touch the camera after each picture and must change the settings by hand

    Also it is not possible to combine the electronic shutter with HDR modes. HR uses the e shutter automatically, but with HDR I can not use it…

  4. How about giving another option for SCP with only raw shooting related choices leaving out everything which does not impact raw. Benefit- a simple layout.

  5. (1) Instead of (or in addition to) being able to program a button to activate a particular Myset, being able to program a button to toggle through all Mysets. I.e., push once for Myset 1, twice for Myset 2, etc.

    (2) Ability to rename Mysets so you can more easily remember what they do.

    (3) Self timer with Live Composite.

  6. I agree about needing the option to have a pre-shutter timer delay when shooting an HDR. As a former software engineer (now retired), I believe the software change required to implement feature this would be trivial.

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