Petr Bambousek reviews the Olympus 100-400

Ok yeah… I think this is all we need.  Someone truly competent, talented, and qualified to give an opinion when it comes to super telephoto.  Check out Petr’s review of this lens on his site.  This really shows what is possible, and where are the shortcomings.  Within that, you can gauge your own abilities.

Olympus 100-400 Review by Petr Bambousek.

I really can’t wait to see the 150-400 Pro to be released.  I think that will be the true wildlife lens Olympus users have been waiting for.  For those that can accept no compromise.  I still think for everyone else, this is the zoom lens to go with.  The 300mm Pro is amazing.  A super telephoto prime can sometimes be very limiting if you are more casual about your wildlife and for the general shooter that just enjoys wildlife, I almost always recommend the zoom hands down instead.

Regardless, check out Petr’s review and the demo images!


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