Olympus High-Res Mode Presets


Olympus High-Res mode has always been an amazing feature.  It allows our cameras to capture more detail, accurate color, less noise, and print larger from a native file while retaining all the benefits of a small camera.  The JPG file looks amazing…and then you open your raw file.  It’s just not the same.  Lightroom does not handle the high resolution files nearly as well as the standard files.  They just are not crisp.  Well…I have your answer.  My presets fix this and make the RAW files look exactly how they should have.  Detailed, crisp, and well defined.  A couple quick clicks and you have your image quality back.  Simple.  Awesome.

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High Res files from Olympus cameras have never looked better.  I spent hours upon hours working these out to ensure they delivered solid results.  I use these presets all the time to deliver high res files to my clients.

These presets work for both High Res mode, and handheld high res mode.  They are designed to be used on the RAW files.  They should be used as a starting point, and then you can continue adjusting your files in whatever way you like.  They basically bring back the life in your file.

These presets will evolve over time, and new ones will be added.  All updates will be sent out for free if you have purchased the presets.  These presets were designed with Lightroom CC Classic in mind, but they should work with LR6.  They might work ok with lightroom 5 as well, but no guarantees.  I’ve included an installation set for LR6 as well as the current CC Classic.

Here is a video that goes over the presets, how they work, and shows off how much better they make the files.  If you use high res mode, you NEED these presets.

You can also watch that on youtube here.

You can learn how to install these presets by watching my video!  Remember to watch fullscreen at 1080p to really see the difference.

Cameras that currently have High Resolution Mode.  * indicates they also have Hand-Held High Resolution mode.

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