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I’ve gotten a lot of requests about firmware in general, so I figured it was time to do this live.  I have put together a video for you walking through updating your camera firmware.  I used my E-M1 mkII and the new Version 2 update.  This process will work for any Olympus camera.  The only real difference is the step I show you about saving your settings first.  Not all cameras have that function.  If yours doesn’t you can skip along with me to the firmware update step.  I have a screen cast as well as a video of my rear screen so you can really see how long everything takes and what you should encounter.  I did cut 3 minutes out of downloading time in the middle, but I indicate this in the video just so you wouldn’t stare at my screen forever.  It was either speeding things up or cutting back to a scene of me singing to you to pass the time.  I chose option 1.

One quick note…the updater restored my E-M1 mkII settings automatically…but the touch screen was turned back on by global default.  I had to go in and turn it back off since I had it off.  Not sure if that was a bug or what…but if you have some weirdness after the update…it might be that.  Menu, Custom Menu J1, Touchscreen settings, OFF.  Unless of course you prefer it on.

If you don’t have the Olympus camera software, you can download it here.  ::UPDATE::  Thanks to Dan for dropping me a note about this, but you need version 2.1 of the software to update the E-M1mkII on a mac.  Windows users seem unaffected by this and version 2 is fine.  So if you are having issues with your computer finding the camera, this might be why.

I also didn’t mention in the video…but the cable is a USB cable.  (usb-c in my case) Use whatever cable is proper for your camera.  Also, it is good to have a battery at least 50% full just in case.

Also, excuse the sound in this one…the background noise are my computer fans!  Still working out ways to screen cast from this system and not have the fans bleed into the mic.  Next time I build a computer it’s going to be silent…



7 responses on "Olympus Firmware Updating Tutorial Video"

  1. I have done exactly that with this version end previous versions.
    This time it failed when it restored the camera settings. Never done that before.
    This time I didn’t do a manual save of settings.
    Time set everything up from scratch.

  2. Thanks for the video tutorial. I had version 2.0 of the Digital Camera Updater installed on my Mac laptop (running MacOS High Sierra). It would not recognize my OMD EM1 Mark II being connected to the computer although it had in the past. Although the installed Digital Camera Updater doesn’t indicate that there is a newer version available (no indication of version number or release notes on the website either), I did try downloading it again from the Olympus website and that installed version 2.1. Once that was installed, it recognized the connected camera and the fw upgrade process proceeded as expected.

  3. Strange.
    Eventhough Olympus said it failed restore my settings after upgrade to v2. I can see that all my settings are there. So maybe it actually worked but the final status never got back to the updater.

  4. I am having problems with firmware for my Em1X and the MC2.0 teleconverter. I am running Mojave 10.14.5 on my iMac. All goes well (I have removed cards etc.) until I try to connect. I get a message ‘Failed to communicate with the camera. (0x4201D). My Privacy has a tick against the Olympus digital Camera Updater. Filevault is off. Firewall is also off. I have no other software running. What is going wrong? I am so eager to use the new 2x teleconverter on my 300mm lens

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