A Photographer’s Guide To Digital Workflow




You have been asking for it…and it has finally arrived!  A step by step course in digital workflow.  Beginning to end.  As a commercial photographer I deal with a lot of files on a daily basis.  I am generating multiple terabytes of data every year.  Without a solid workflow, I’de be lost.  Even a photographer that shoots casually needs a solid way to manage files.  Have you ever not been able to find a version of a file…or that raw file shot two years ago that you want to enter in a competition now?  Or where was that folder of the grandkids from one holiday 6 years ago… Yeah, been there done that.  Same when coming home from an awesome photo trip only to find I need to deal with a huge workload of files that take forever to get through.  How to manage?  I don’t like sitting in front of a computer any more than you do.  I am a photographer…not a programmer.  That is why we have workflow.  In the digital era it has taken on a new form and there are more pieces to understand but it is not difficult at all.

I wanted to show you how I manage to keep everything flowing, organized, searchable, accessible, and easily managed over a span of time.  I want you to be able to do it as well and better than I.  However I know time is precious.  So I have been very conscious to present this in a straight forward manner that gives you everything you need to be up and running without feeling lost or out of your league on the computer.  I based this on Adobe Lightroom.  Lightroom is one of the better softwares to use because of the strong cataloging functions amongst other things.  Beginning to end can be tailored to your workflow and made efficient.  That is why I continue to use lightroom.  All of this applies to Capture 1 as well…but not everything is in the same place, and not all things are as intuitive.  The key principles still apply.  In this course I am going to teach you via Lightroom.  I am not teaching you lightroom per say…but in reality…you will be a lightroom expert after this course.  Everything I do present is always tying back to efficiency and workflow reasons.  So, consider it a bonus that you will become a true expert in lightroom very quickly.

Second, I broke everything down into sections that are easy to digest.  I also wanted you to be able to jump around and not need to go in order if you didn’t want to.  Obviously I think the order I established is nice and lends itself well since it follows the “workflow” pattern I establish.  It isn’t necessary however, and you can learn a tremendous amount just by going to the section you would like.  I’ve tried to keep them relatively short too so you can watch sections over lunch, or during a break in your day without having to remember where you were in a long video.

All in all, this is roughly 4 hours of video based direct instruction.  No babbling, no filming me walking around like a vlog…just straight diving in and showing you how to do this…at a good pace.  The majority of videos are screen casts so you can see exactly what I am doing, on actual images, and in a way you can follow along.  Some of this you might be familiar with already if you are a lightroom user.  However, there is plenty to learn in the whole of the workflow concept.  From methods of dealing with memory cards in the field and travel to the final backup, you will really gain all kinds of insight i’ve learn over the years to ensure your files are safe, processed efficiently, and stored for access from you and others in an easy way.

What this course contains:

Chapter 1: Beginning the Cycle

1-1 Why Workflow 00:04:20

1-2 Memory Cards 00:08:56


Chapter 2: Lightroom Fundamentals

2-1 Introduction To Lightroom 00:03:33

2-2 Lightroom Layout 00:07:02

2-3 Modules 00:08:54

2-4 Catalog Settings and Preferences00:08:34


Chapter 3: Importing Images

3-1 Importing Images 00:10:27

3-2 Import Presets      00:06:24


Chapter 4: Processing Images

4-1 Quick Develop 00:02:27

4-2 Develop Basics 00:15:26

4-3 Local Adjustments 00:10:30

4-4 Develop Presets    00:06:47

4-5 Settings Sync and Virtual Copies  00:07:35

4-6 History and Snapshots 00:05:13

4-7 View Modes 00:05:36

4-8 HDR 00:06:12

4-9 Panoramas 00:09:02


Chapter 5: Exporting Images

5-1 Round Trips Into Other Programs 00:08:44

5-2 Exporting Files 00:18:49


Chapter 6: Printing Images

6-1 Printing 00:14:08


Chapter 7: Catalog Management

7-1 Cataloging Basics  00:20:22

7-2 Keywords and Metadata  00:06:02

7-3 Ratings and Searches 00:12:43


Chapter 8: Backing Up

8-1 Backing Up 00:16:18


Chapter 9: Wrap-up

9-1 Workflow Cycle In Review 00:06:32

9-2 Succession and Access 00:06:41


Some things to be aware of.  First, I filmed this using lightroom 6.0.  The standalone version, not CC.  I wanted to ensure it covered as many users as possible.  All of this is still pertinent if you use CC Classic now.  A few new features have been added.  I will be adding videos and content to this course over time.  These additional sections will update you with the new features as it pertains to the workflow process.  I will also be adding a couple follow up videos on related topics and software that I find aids in the process or gives additional value to workflow as a whole.  All of these will be made available free of charge once you have purchased.  Consider it a growing course with a simple one time fee.

Second, I shot this course on windows.  A few of the hot keys I discuss are windows based and you may need to keep that in mind as a mac user and swap out Control for command where needed for instance.  I will also be adding some mac specific content as well.  Especially on the printing side since that seems to be where the largest differences are.  I switched my main workstation to a mac recently, and now I have the ability to capture video on both systems.  So, more to come for sure.

Third, this is an evolving course.  I may be updating or make additional sections for existing chapters as feedback comes in.  As I hear from you and see what needs more clarity, or what areas you feel could also use some additional content, I will be creating those videos as well and loading them up for you.  So, as all my site readers know… I got ya covered.

Finally, the course is available to view online or to download.  There is no time limit.  Once you purchase, the course is always available in your account to view at any time.   I really want you to be able to access it the way you want.  I also believe in the honor system…please don’t redistribute.  I know the price might seem high…but it is way cheaper than a lot of courses not giving nearly the content I do, in the way I do.  I also know my stuff.  I live in lightroom and make my career as a commercial photographer.  I can pull up any image from the last 11 years in my career almost instantly.  You can find my images quickly, even if you don’t know lightroom.  I do this to ensure my work is accessible.  I know what i’m doing, yet I am too still learning.  You gain all this experience from me directly in these videos.  And as I grow, I will impart that with you too.  Is the price worth it…I think so.  And it’s cheaper than a new lens!  Sometimes being organized is the most invaluable thing in the world.  Trust me on that one!



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