Unlocking Olympus – 7 Keys to Unlock the Potential in Your Camera


Do you find the menu system in your Olympus Pen or OM-D daunting?  Are there just too many options and you just wish you had a clear way to take advantage of features you didn’t even know you had?  Are you not harnessing the full potential of your camera and missing shots or spending too much time in the field trying to figure things out?  Then this ebook is for you!


In this ebook I show you:

How to switch between autofocus modes without diving into menus or moving your hands from the shooting position!

How to speed up viewfinder performance with reduced lag and virtually no blackout!

How to toggle between user selected focus points and styles instantly without menus or even moving your hand position!

How to switch between various lighting scenarios and effortlessly keep perfect white balance without relying on auto!

How to take full advantage of Mysets and mode customization.

…And much more!

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Easy to follow steps and pictures guide you through understanding the Olympus menu system and seeing how amazing these cameras are with the depth they offer.  You will learn to set your camera up in ways that allow you to pay less attention to your gear and more attention on your subjects.  Covered are some of the most important features these cameras include.  I show you ways to combine options and settings to maximize speed and efficiency.  Once you follow these steps, you might not have to dive in the menu ever again!  Take advantage of some of these, or all of these, either way you will learn how to further take command of your camera and take your shooting to a new level.

This ebook is available in PDF format and can be viewed on any device that supports the file format.  It has been optimized for tablet reading.  All topics are relevant for modern digital PEN and OM-D cameras.  Camera button layouts and available options vary amongst models, but this information will still be applicable for the most part.  You just may not be able to utilize everything all at once if you use an E-PL5 versus an E-M10 for example.  (and obviously no viewfinder on the former for example…) This book was written with an E-M1 as the basis.  Some items have shifted slightly on the E-M1mkII but are still relevant.  Nothing has proven to be so different that a second edition is necessary yet.  If and when I expand or streamline for the next generation of cameras, a free update will be sent to all my current readers that have purchased.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Order your ebook and unlock your olympus’ potential today!

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