Meditations Vol.1


Have you been thinking about visiting the Great Smoky Mountains in the spring?  I spent some time there and became completely enchanted by the beauty and grandeur there.  It goes beyond words.  It will always be a repeat spot for me from now on.

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The images in this collection call inspiration from Buddhist and Hindu mandalas. The intricate creations are often an aid to meditation. The ornate patterns are created to symbolize the macro and microcosm as well as the journey to understanding our truth. Through these images I seek to marry the beauty of the natural world I see with the simultaneous simplicity and complexity that is in the very essence of all existence.

This collection consists of 30 entrancing images in PDF format. The ebook displays beautifully in iBooks as well as in various other apps, mobile devices, and PDF readers.

Below is a selection of some of the many images included in this collection.

Meditations 1

meditations 30

Meditation 19

meditation 13

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