A secure memory card wallet!

I just got an email about the release of ThinkTank’s new memory card wallet.  The ThinkTank Photo Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket!  It’s basically their Pixel Pocket Rocket…but with zippers and a belt loop added.  The price is nice too!  I’ve always used theses.  The tether is nice to have.  Adding a belt loop and a zipper to the slots is genius.  Just makes a tried and true product that much better.  I don’t own one yet…but I will most likely order one.  (I already have three different versions of the original product)  It’s nice that it can hold a variety of media too.  I have to be honest…i’m diggin’ the green color. There are plenty of scenarios I have been in where changing memory cards is a little scary due to the possibility of dropping one and being unable to recover it.  (water, cliffs, etc…)  Short post today, it was more of an FYI.  

Then again, velcro and zippers…add a bit of noise…  Did you know their Mindshift brand offers pretty much the same product without velcro?  This is great in the field to not tip off animals…or in a production or filming environment when you need to be silent while accessing.  

In other news…final details on the new site launch are being worked out.  Everything is pretty much done.  Just the last couple odds and ends.  I can’t wait…finally there!  Soon!


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