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The End Of Summer

Some thoughts about "image intuition" ..

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Review: Voigtlander 21mm F/4 Color Skopar

Leica M8 M9 review Voigtlander 21mm F/4 Image I have spent the last 9 months using the Voigtlander 21mm f/4, a tiny lens with a super wide view. Continue reading to find out how this little lens truly captures the spirit of a Leica.

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Fun Friday Photo! DC Pano!

DC Pano of Monuments with Leica M8

When you live in the Washington DC area there is no escaping the "Monument Tour" when you have visiting friends and family. Unfortunately everything is really spread out and requires a huge amount of walking.

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Guitar Portraits

guitar portrait

In photography we say it's not the gear...but how we use it. Yes, that is true. That is also quite true in the world of music. (I actually think musicians embrace this concept a bit more readily than photographers...) A fantastic instrument doesn't make you play any better. However, an inspiring instrument can really make you

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Fun Friday Photo! DINOSAUR!

leica rangefinder dinosaur science

A few years ago rangefinders and Leica might seem like they had gone extinct as this dinosaur...but looking around today there is no mistake. Leicas are not fossils from another era...the new digital Ms are here to stay and better than ever!

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Review: Voigtlander 75mm F/2.5 Color Heliar

leica voigtlander 75mm bride portrait

The Voigtlander 75mm F/2.5 Color Heliar lens has completely surprised me in many ways. This little lens is definitely one of the rangefinder world's biggest secrets! Wow...

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Review: Timbuk2 Xsmall & Billingham Insert as a camera bag for Leica M

Are you tired of your Leica or other mirrorless camera not fitting into conventional camera bags? Do your lenses just disappear into the camera bag abyss? You need a bag sized for a rangefinder! I put together an awesome combo that works great as a daily Leica bag!

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Review: Leica Goodies Sling Camera Strap

leica goodies sling

The most common accessory for a camera is a strap. Everyone has a camera strap. Cameras even come with straps! It's like they are supposed to be used with a strap. Well, I don't like straps. I discovered another solution called the "Sling" which is offered from LeicaGoodies.com. It is a very simple device that

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