Olympus Custom Menu Option by Option setup guide

Button Layout Sheet

I made a customizable PDF that you can record your button layouts with.  Check out the page here!

Custom Options Excel Sheet

I made a downloadable sheet to record all your settings.  Check out this page for more details.

Custom Menu Walk through

I have gotten a lot of requests for an option walk through and custom camera setups.  Below you will find my video series going option by option through the entire current (as of E-M1 firmware v4, dec. 2015) Custom menu.  I discuss what the options do, what I set my camera to, and make some recommendations.  If you just don’t get how to configure your camera…no worries!  Just follow me and set yours to be the same as mine!  In my next post I will discuss many of the benefits of this setup and give you a great resource to setting up your camera for various styles of photography so you never have to menu dive again!




7 responses on "Olympus Custom Menu Option by Option setup guide"

  1. Really terrific walk through the menus. Thanks.

  2. Really love your videos. They work so well. Thanks very much

  3. Hi Tony, thanks producing and sharing all this.
    One question: what makes you prefer shooting in anti shock mode over silent or normal mode? Any advantage i didn’think of? I normally shot in silent mode for non fast moving subject and normal mode for.others.

    • Hi Lucio, I use antishock mode with a time of zero because that activates first curtain electronic mode for the shutter. This basically eliminates shutter shock. There are a range of shutter speeds (roughly between 1/25th and 1/125, you can google it for all kinds of debate) that actually cause vibration in the image. Mirrorless cameras have this issue since there is less internally available to dampen tiny vibrations. It generally is not an issue, expect at certain shutter speeds. I’ve never had much of an issue with it…but on a tripod with everything being done critically, you can tell. If I used electronic shutter this would avoid it too…but then I have the electronic shutter limitations with flash, etc… Anti-shock mode is the best all around setting for me to still utilize all the functions and use flash, which still avoiding shutter shock. And not having to switch back and forth in shutter modes.
      It works for me at least.

  4. Great series of videos !
    Thank you !

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