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I recently made a quick reference sheet that you can fill in with your button setups!  Use this to remember or share your settings.  If you use an E-M5 mk2 or other camera with less options, feel free to use the sheet anyways and just fill in what you do have.

You can fill this in and save it with a new name so you can have several different setups if you wish.  I am posting the blank sheet along with my basic configuration now.  I will have try to get some other convenient button layouts up for some different styles.  Do you have a layout that really works for you?  Drop me a line and i’ll post it here too!

Download the sheet here: Olympus Buttons Setting Sheet

Here is my general button layout.  Tony’s button layout

If you need a walk through of setting up the custom functions, you can find it in menu B, as well as menu A in the videos I posted here:

Olympus Custom Menu setupup guide

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One thought on “Olympus Custom Button template sheet

  1. Download the sheet here: Olympus Buttons Setting Sheet

    Here is my general button layout. Tony’s button layout

    Note: both download images are same. I think Tony’s is on wrong image.

    I just bought new Olympus after 20 years of Canon. Reason is that old camera is too heavy that slows down my recovery of nerve damaged neck from surfing accident. Right now I am really busy on learning new camera while I’m shooting sports and community service. I have more questions. Will email soon.

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