Olympus Custom Menu speadsheet

Click here to download my Olympus Custom Menus Spreadsheet!

I created this spreadsheet as a quick reference when I have to re-enter all my settings.  I usually end up doing this after a firmware update, a factory reset, or on rental bodies that I need setup to match my own.

There are several other spreadsheets floating around out there but I found they mirrored the look and feel of the user manual too much.  This is pretty much a straight rundown of the menus that lists the options and what I have my camera set to.  Nothing more or less.  Feel free to save it and enter your own settings in it.

I usually save the file and then export it as a PDF file to keep on my mobile devices just in case I need it in the field.  With this sheet I can set up my camera from factory fresh to perfectly customized in several minutes.

–Special Note–

My current setup is for an E-M1.  This sheet will work fine for E-M10, E-M5, Pens, etc…  There might be small variation in settings listed.  Feel free to add your own rows if necessary.  Also, I have the sheet dated.  I will try to keep the sheet updated as new features and options are added.  If I missed something, feel free to let me know so I can fix the sheet.

–E-M1mkII and new menu system–

Also, this sheet does not contain the E-M1mkII settings.  I have not created a sheet for the new menu system since settings are backed up to files and then restored.  You don’t technically need to remember what your settings were anymore.  If there is demand for a sheet for the new menu system, I will gladly make one.  Just let me know!

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