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Review: Voigtlander 35mm f/2.5 Color-Skopar Pan II

voigtlander, leica, m8, 35mm, color-skopar, lens

35mm is my favorite focal length. This is my review of the tiniest 35mm lens I've ever seen!!!

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Review: Leica M8 – Still a valid camera today?…

leica, m8, camera

Is the Leica M8 still a valid camera today...or was it destined to be outdated and under-performing from the beginning? Coming from a world of SLRs I had my doubts for the M8. When compared to my current SLRs I made a startling discovery...

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Pocket Wizard TT5 broken hotshoe and foot fix!

I have several of the new Pocket Wizard TT5 units. First thing that crossed my mind when I received them…”Is …

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