Preset Updates and more!

Hi everyone, effective today are some great new updates to my presets!

The basic presets that are free to download have been updated.  There are some further refinements under the hood, fisheye de-fish settings to match the camera settings, and a few others.

The Art Filters have been updated with the latest additions.  I added both Bleach bypass versions and instant film.  I also added a Dramatic Tone “similar” preset.  You can’t match dramatic tone exactly because of Lightroom limitations, but its close…and a decent starting point to play with.  I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this one.

The Fuji-Style presets have also been updated!  I added Eterna, Classic Negative, and Sepia to the mix.  That brings it inline with the most current offerings.

These updates are all FREE!  If you have purchased them from my site and have a login, you should be able to download them again from your account settings/product page.  You can watch a quick tutorial on how to do that here.

If you purchased the presets and do not have a login because it was from the older version of my site, then you will need to contact me for an updated download link.

Also, I am currently running a sale on the Workflow Guide.  I have reduced the price by A LOT.  Some new updates are next in line to get pushed out, so I figured this would be a good time to offer it at an even better price.

More to come!


5 responses on "Preset Updates and more!"

  1. Hi Tony, given that Capture One (C1) 20 Pro is being given away with the New Mk3, and that C1 20 has presets and now,plugins enabled for open source development are you considering offering/ developing presets for C1?

    • Hi Paul,
      I’ve considered it. I use both Lightroom and C1. The majority of my C1 use is with digital backs, but it also works great with Olympus High Res. To be honest, I just haven’t gotten enough request for it. I wouldn’t mind doing the work, but it’s time consuming. If I start getting more people asking, I will definitely give it a go. I tried some preset converters…but it wasn’t up to my standards. It would have honestly just taken less time to start from scratch. That is in reference to the art filters and such. The basic presets would be pretty easy for me to recreate with some testing in regards to the sharpening and noise profiles. C1 is great though. Very powerful adjustments are available, especially when working with colors and layers. Lightroom isn’t even close in that regards. Lightroom does have the robust catalog experience however. That is really the only thing that has kept me on lightroom. C1 is catching up with each version. It’s getting close.

  2. Many thanks for the preset update – much appreciated, Tony!

    The old .lrtemplate presets contain two presets for hi-res (basic / sharpen), which are missing in the .xmp update.
    Do you still use / recommend the same sharpen settings for tripod hi-res?

    Since a few days I also own a Mk III, and I’m wondering what would be good starting point for sharpening HHHR images.
    What is your experience / suggestion?

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Hi Karsten. Sharp eye…they have been removed. I no longer consider them any good. I have spent HOURS…HOURS…developing a new solution for High res files.
      Watch the site in about a week or so. I have an exciting announcement that will transform how we handle High res, and hand held high res files in lightroom. I needed something that was excellent in order to deliver high res files to my clients that reproduced to very high standards. It forced me to come up with much better settings. Shortly those will be announced! Stay tuned!

  3. So how do I get the latest update to the Free Olympus Lightroom Presets? I have bought several items from you over the years including recently, but my Free Olympus Lightroom Presets are completely outdated. Now that I have the M1.3 always want the most updated of everything :D

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