E-M1X v1.1 and E-M1 mkII v3 firmware announced!

Olympus announced new firmware for several products today.

The E-M1X got a small update to allow it’s JPG engine to process files when tethered to Olympus workstation software.

The E-M1mk II got a whole list of new updates.

-C-AF+MF to AF system
-5×5 to AF Target Mode
-C-AF Center Start mode and C-AF Center Priority mode
-Drive Priority and Detail Priority to Low ISO Processing when shooting still images
-L100 to ISO sensitivity setting
-“OM-Log400” to video picture mode
-Instant Film to Art Filter
-Frame Rate Priority to Live View Boost 2
-Now possible to select the number of shot between 3 and 15 when shooting with Focus Stacking.
-Enhanced performance of AF, High-precision focusing even when shooting dark scenes and low-contrast subject (with F/1.2 lenses).
-New AF algorithm from the OM-D E-M1X is included on the OM-D E-M1 Mark II
-Single AF (S-AF) enables accurate focusing on the subject even with mixed perspectives
-Improved quality of still images. (apparently 1/3 stop better ISO noise)
-Now possible to play back images and change settings while writing to a card.
-Added Selecting Multiple Pictures function.
-Anti-Flicker Shooting function
-Now possible to develop RAW data at high speeds in Olympus Workspace by using the camera’s image processing engine.

The 40-150 Pro lens and 300mm Pro lens also got firmware updates to work with the MC-20.

So here is a thought…

The two flagship cameras can now handle the processing for Olympus Workflow in order to ensure fast performance of raw files.  What?!?!?!?!  What is wrong with my maxed out Apple workstation with 64gb of RAM, thunderbolt drives, and a Vega 64 video card?  I’m sorry…if Olympus workstation can’t handle the files with my computer, I certainly don’t believe the camera can go any faster.  Talk about a nightmare workflow.  Again…that is my speculation.  We will have to see this in action…but I just struggle to see how offloading the processing to the camera is the right solution to a self created problem.  You want to see your RAW files develop fast… try Capture One.  Even Lightroom is great.  Olympus workflow just isn’t there.  It would be nice if it was…but I struggle to recommend it.

The second catch according to the press release… you can only edit raw function that the camera has built in, and then only output to JPG.  So then WHY would I even go into Olympus Worflow.  I can move 100x faster developing on the back of the camera.  I’ve done this many times in order to transfer files to clients for quick social media posts.

I honestly just don’t understand how this workflow makes sense.  You won’t either if you learn an excellent workflow like the one I teach!

Anyways, I am glad to see a large update for the E-M1 mkII.  The Log mode and better video AF means the camera can be used side by side with the E-M1X to get similar results.  I often shoot like this.

I haven’t updated yet… but I will definitely report back if there are any issues.  You can see full firmware history on my resources page.


WAIT A MINUTE!  WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  Where is the MY MENUS!!!!  Olympus!  Why did we not get this in the update!  One of the most valuable updates in the E-M1X was this customizable menu!  Can we get that too in the E-M1 mkII ???


2 responses on "E-M1X v1.1 and E-M1 mkII v3 firmware announced!"

  1. Am running Mac Mojave 10.14.5. I am unable to get Olympus Updater to install and when it does it says it needs some kind of permission in Privacy Settings that I cannot find. Sue would appreciate any of your thoughts.

    Love your site and thanks for all of the help with this and the info presented on your site.

    • Hi Dan, excuse the late response, i’ve been traveling. Try installing. When this message comes up, Go to Settings on your mac. Then click “Security and Privacy” icon on the top row of settings icons. Then at the bottom of the general tab it says allow apps downloaded from. You need to click that it is ok. You should see the olympus updater install listed there. After that you should be good to install it.

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