Olympus Log-400 LUT now available

Olympus has released the LUT for the E-M1X Flat and Log-400 profile!  You can find them on their Download Page.

These are technically designed for Davinci Resolve, but I have used their E-M1.2 LUTs in final cut pro just fine.  I will be testing these soon.


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  1. Hi, At the risk of sounding really dumb, I have a question. I’m shooting video using the flat and the OM Log400 on my EM1ii. Normally with a flat profile I’d simply apply the custom LUT to Final Cut Pro X, then choose a LUT from the free ones I’ve downloaded. However, Olympus have two LUTs for download: Flat and OM Log400. So my question is, What’s the purpose of these? Where do they fit in the chain? If I load them in custom LUT they don’t really change the footage all that much. And there’s no choice of looks or anything. I’m clearly missing the point here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Steven, the provided LUTs from Olympus are quick ways to get the footage back to a Rec 709 look. Or similar to the natural profile in a sense. While retaining some of the benefit of the log or flat profile in the highlights and shadows. I generally just use the log profile and do a custom adjustment for what I am after. I find better results that way. However, it is a way to edit quickly if not all of the footage needs to be flat and you just want the normal look. Shooting with the standard profile would have limited your options later.

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