New website launched! Unlocking Olympus mark 2!

Or should this be UO-2X?  Based on all this crazy naming lately, it seems you need a mark, or an X, or something to designate the upgrade.  Bottom line, FINALLY we launch.  New site is up, and the behind the scenes is completely remade.  This will allow so much going forward.  It was quite a feat to get to this point.  A few things of note:

  1. User accounts!  Now when you buy any of the products you can have a user account to sign in to.  No sensitive credit card information or other info like that is retained.  And in the account you can list as much as you prefer.  Totally up to you.  All transaction data is off site via Paypal as always.  However, you can log back in and download your product, see what you’ve purchased and when, etc…  Makes it easier for you to manage and have a place where all your product is stored.
  2. User accounts also allow for Unlocking Olympus V2.1 which will come shortly.  This will open up the ability to have shared conversations and a forum.  A place without trolling to deepen our discussions and allow greater participation between a lot of us.  So many people that visit this site request this…so now we have it.  This feature will launch shortly, and i’ll announce when its ready.  The ground work is laid.
  3. The site is still free, and free of adds.  Amazing.  I am doing my best to keep it this way, and without having my photography business subsidize it.  A lot of people ask me for ways to support the site.  So in the next few weeks I will introduce some ways that you can show your support, and pay forward some of the generosity.  A few ideas are in the works.  Thank you for buying the products I offer, that has been a huge help in seeing this site continue.  I have more coming too… really good stuff.  So if anything, that helps tremendously when you support in that way.
  4. A new product is being launched today!  So many requests I get are for a strong workflow guide as well as lightroom support.  Well…thankfully I think Lightroom is one of the best workflow solutions available.  So I present to you my Guide To Digital Workflow!  This will make you an expert in workflow…and lightroom… at the same time!  Your efficiency just got upgraded.  Big time!  I’ll make a post about it as well.

In the mean time, though I prefer being behind camera, here is a quick video discussing some of these updates as well as a thanks to you.


4 responses on "New website launched! Unlocking Olympus mark 2!"

  1. Thanks, Tony. I just discovered your site a few days ago. I have already been using your resources, plugins, and ebook.

    I’m an old guy (66) who loves your approach and your passion.

  2. Congrats Tony! Looking forward to the exiting future of!

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