Insane Olympus US summer deal on the E-M1X!

If I am reading my email right… again check with your dealer…. but the new summer promotion on the E-M1X is INSANE!

$600 instant savings
$400 trade in bonus
= $2,000 starting price

Add your trade in value…and you have an E-M1X for less than $2,000.  Say you trade in something worth $500.  That means you walk away with an E-M1X for $1,500 if I am reading this correct.  Even if I am totally wrong here… $2k for this camera is great.  I know a lot of people are hesitant… but you know what… it’s a killer camera with great ergonomics.  And if you use it on the 300mm, the 40-150, and the coming 150-400 Pro…it is an ergonomic dream set up.  It really feels good.  And it delivers.  I know it’s gotten flack for size…but most people haven’t used one.  Just saying.  It’s my key studio camera and I LOVE it.  Most comfortable camera to use.  Period.

July 6, 2020

3 responses on "Insane Olympus US summer deal on the E-M1X!"

  1. Europe needs this “INSANE OLYMPUS US SUMMER DEAL ON THE E-M1X” too !

    Talk with your friends from “” .

  2. I picked up a brand new EM1X before Xmas for £1380, from Olympus. They had a special offer with the 12-100mm f4 Pro and I also used an additional 10% coupon code. Couldn’t be happier and the 25mm f1.8 is a cracker for the price, however, I always wondered if the PRO was sharper wide open?

  3. Just came across this site. Is it still up and running as most contributions ceased in summer 2020?

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