Quick site update…i’m back from “vacation”

Hey everyone… I just want to let you know I am back.  When the covid crisis hit the US my business was impacted extremely heavily and it is still working it’s way back into any kind of existence.  Thinking it would be only for a few weeks, I kept on chugging and refining marketing, and setting up ways to still meet client needs.  Then when it became a few months…and clients all stayed home, everything went silent.  So I decided to use the time as a forced sabbatical.  Well needed I must say.  I spent a lot of time with my kid by the local pond searching for frogs.  I also spent a lot of time catching up on other subjects and projects that really ended up nourishing me and recharging my creative batteries.  I took a little over a month or two away from cameras, my websites (including this one), and anything else photo related mostly.  It was good.  I even got back together virtually with some friends of mine to record a bunch of music.  So refreshing, despite the limitations of social distancing and all the other odd impositions we have faced.  I’ll be releasing that soon hopefully.

The covid crisis is definitely not fun, and my thoughts go out to anyone struggling with this environment or the illness. I know plenty of people that have been ill.  We’ll all get through this.

I just want to let everyone know i’m back.  So plenty more to come, and I will be catching up on lots of items I left unfinished in March and April for this site.  However, thank you for all the support along the way, and to the many of you that always write to me and carry out great conversation.  Sometimes stepping away, even from photography, to allow other arts to fill us can really be enlightening.  I am already thinking about my photography different, and my goals differently.  Lot’s to come.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

June 24, 2020

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