Website update with Olympus images

I’ve got a chance to revamp my commercial website with all this Covid quarantine happening.  I wanted to share the site with you in case you haven’t checked it out before.  99% of the images on the site are with some version of the E-M1.  (1,2,X, 3)

Business has been tough with Coronavirus bringing things to a halt.  Have you been impacted at all?  I know a lot of photographers that are having a rough time at the moment.  This too will pass…we just need to hold out a bit.

building exterior shot with high res mode

I’ll leave you with a shot as well.  This was earlier in the year.  I used high res mode.  Looking forward to commercial shoots again.  In the mean time, the local nature areas are nice too!


2 responses on "Website update with Olympus images"

  1. Hi Tony

    May I ask which “Online Photo Gallery Service” are you using for your commercial website?
    Could it be SquareSpace, Photodeck or Smugmug?

    I’ve been reading lots of good reviews for SmugMug, but would like to consider other potential options as well.
    (For non-commercial photo galleries for displaying personal work, are there any particular “PAID” service providers which you may like to recommend?)

    *As the saying goes: “if you’re NOT paying, you’re NOT the customer … you’re the PRODUCT!”*
    I appreciate this “advice or warning” & I think it’s prudent to pay a small fee to ensure our photos are safely stored & hosted.

    Thanks, john

    • Hi John! For my personal work I like smugmug. I’ve used it for years. For my commercial site I use aphotofolio.

      For proofing to clients I’m now use photoproofpro. Pros and cons to all of them. I prefer simplicity and functionality.

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