OT: Sitting around and self-isolating? How about some books!

Crazy times we are in right?  Sometimes all we want to do is the thing we are held back from.  Just got a new E-M1.3 and can’t run around town shooting images with Covid-19 plaguing us?  Don’t feel like shooting around the house?  There has got to be other things to do!  I wanted to share some things that I just love.  Sometimes I find it is best I get away from my camera gear a bit.  Dive into something else for a little and come back.  If we are all forced to sit at home, what better time to find something new to entertain us.  I’m in Washington D.C. so they don’t want any of us running around.


I want to share a couple books that have been invaluable in shaping me. By the way, all links are for your convenience.  I don’t do affiliate links.  Though, many tell me I should.  Whats your opinion on that?

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way
This is an amazing book.  I’ve linked to the kindle version on Amazon.   I also have the special edition hard cover with cool crinkled edge paper.  I love it.  This is a GREAT book for any one that is involved in creative work in any way.  As photographers, musicians, writers, painters, creative business people, anything.  If you have to come up with something, this book really helps open up what often holds us back without realizing it.  It really goes chapter by chapter breaking down and exploring so many areas that impact us.  I guarantee if you read this book, even if you don’t think you need it, you will gain something impactful.


Autobiography of A Yogi
Another classic.  This is a link to the first version that hasn’t been re-edited as much.  I don’t want to get into any kind of spiritual stuff here, or philosophy debates etc…  However, this book is worth reading no matter what you think or believe in, follow, practice, etc…  And you can  choose to set it aside, or to make what you will of it.  Personally, I love it.  As photographers, we look for new ways to see.  This is one of those books that can open that up.  Yoga in itself is all about learning to see what is truly there, and seeing that which we don’t see with our daily filters.  And this book is the story of a really amazing human being that walked that path.  Definitely recommended.


The World Without Us by Alan Weisman
A very cool book.  This goes into the idea of what would the world be like if humans literally just disappeared.  How long would it take for nature to reclaim cities and our developments, etc…  Weisman uses some real world examples and science to elaborate on the ideas.  Fun read.  Obviously no matter is going on in the world…things will be ok.  With or without us.  I definitely loved thinking about this.  It makes me think about how much of what we create will be found in the future really.  Interesting to ponder sometimes.  It really brings me back to we are in this for eachother…NOW.  And we really should take care of each other and not be overly concerned about the far future.  Definitely a good read.


I’ll try to get around to posting some music and films I truly enjoy as well.  In the mean time, feel free to share your favorite things too.  We can’t connect in person right now, why not use what we have!


March 19, 2020

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