OT: Self-Isolating pt 3…Artists & Greatness around the web!

Still holed up?  Yup me too.  Today I want to share two friends of mine that are artists of a completely monumental magnitude.  Both inspire me completely, and I just LOVE what they do.

Sometimes looking an work you love boosts the system.  We all need that at a time like this.

Shanthi Chandrasekar

Shanthi is a rare kind of person.  Tremendous is an understatement, prolific is a mockery, and ingenious doesn’t convey anything.  I don’t know anyone as talented in so many forms of art, nor do I know anyone that can create as much finished work as she does.  At the level she does.  With the depth she does.  I wish everyone could be in her presence for like 10 seconds.  That’s all you need.  After that you are swept away in the tidal wave of all that is art outpouring at a hurricane pace.  It’s excellent.  My goal is to one day put together a video series with her, so she can explain the stories behind her work.  THAT is even more priceless than the art.  It just makes me want to create, and be more in that flow.  In that flow.  Surreal.  Regardless, her blending of science, art, and story is awesome.  The neurocosmology series is amazing.  Check her work out.  Definitely worth it.  And if you are ever in an area where she is exhibiting, make the effort to see the work in person.

Studio Tuesday

A good friend of mine for years…and one of my favorite artists.  I just love his style.  My own office has many of his pieces hanging on the wall.   David’s work has both the commercial commission and illustration side, but also the cute consumer product side.  His watercolor style just feels so fresh.

And two comics I follow.  Actually the only two I regularly follow.


Great sciencey comics.  I could read through them all day.  The stick figures make everything even funnier to me for some reason.

Questionable Content

This series has been running for a LONG time.  Over 4200+ posts.  Stuck inside…i guarantee if you start at the beginning you won’t get up until you get to the latest one.  The storyline and characters just suck you in.  Excellent stuff without being forced.


Ok there ya go!  I’ll try to get back into photo centered things this week.  Stay safe!

March 23, 2020

1 responses on "OT: Self-Isolating pt 3...Artists & Greatness around the web!"

  1. Hi Tony,

    I actually live in the small city that QC is based on – Northampton, MA. I can usually spot the references to local spots. Smif College = Smith College, etc. Although the author seems to no longer live here, he has captured the spirit of some of our subcultures, albeit only a part of the mosaic that is Northampton.

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