OT: Self Isolating pt 2… Music!

I love to sit down and actually listen to albums.  All the way through.  Singles never appealed to me.  And the hwole concept of just buying whatever song I like and have a giant mix up of music…I never could warm up to that.  I still buy whole albums.  Download…but often actual CDs of my favorite stuff still.  I like reading through lyrics and actually experiencing the whole presentation the artist intended.  Often if a new album comes out, I’ll actually listen to just that for a few days…or a few weeks if it is something I really love.  You start hearing all the nuances, inner parts, etc… when you really pay attention.  I like music like that.  Regardles how you like to listen, casually, devoted, in the background… here are some great artists and albums I enjoy.  Feel free to check them out and discover something new.  And definitely drop a comment and recommend something you love lately…Its always great to discover artists i’ve never run across before.


Symphony X – V

A classic symphonic metal band…and in my opinion, one of the best albums ever released by any metal band.  There are lots of great albums out there…but this one never gets old, and it just has “it.”  The story is fun, the musical arrangements are spectacular, it all just comes together.


Elif’in Hecesi

Check out this youtube channel.  It’s all MIND-BLOWING musicians from the middle east and surrounding regions.  These recordings are just unreal.  Truth and passion in music like few can present.  Amazing.  One of my favorite youtube channels.  And I love the recordings.  Just honest and simple.  I love this.


Uli Jon Roth – Prologue to Symphonic Legends

The master himself.  Uli is a legend, and all his releases are worth checking out.  This goes well beyond just guitar playing.  If you aren’t familiar with him, you really should check out his site.


Lucia Micarelli

Great violin player.  Stunning performer and composer.  And actress.  Regardless, her work carries a lot of emotion.  She plays Ravel like no one can.  If you enjoy something different in the classical realm, this is very worth checking out.


The links here allow you to hear the artist easily.  Last.FM is nothing I endorse, and I always encourage supporting artists directly if possible.  So if you find something you love, do the artist good and order their album in whatever way makes most sense for you!

March 20, 2020

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