Olympus Watchers Film

Olympus Europe posted very cool short film on their Youtube channel.  It’s called watchers and was shot with the E-M1 mkIII.  Another very nice example of what can be done with the gear in skilled hands.  People underestimate how capable the cameras are and how they make the results easier to obtain.

Here is the Watchers video, and then the behind the scenes that goes with it.  Very cool.  I highly recommend giving it a watch.


Behind the scenes:

March 17, 2020

3 responses on "Olympus Watchers Film"

  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful films, both. I’ve never tried video in my OM-D’s, but now I think I will give it a try during this lock-down.
    Keep safe!

  3. I leave my mk2 and the original ‘1’ out in the rain every now and then, mostly to shoot lightning in Live Composite mode. I use just a hood to reduce water drops on the front element.

    I control things with the phone app, from a warmer location.
    Neither camera has ever missed a beat, but the MK ii batteries last a lot longer.

    I occasionally shoot video but simpler subjects. The results are still satisfying.
    Your films are great. Good luck with the project. When’s it finished?

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