High Res mode files IMPROVED!

Finally.  Finally.  We have our quality back!  Have you ever loaded your high res files into lightroom and thought… these raw images don’t look as crisp as the JPGs?  Maybe you have never compared.  I was never satisfied with how lightroom dealt with Olympus High Res files.  Finally though… they look good.

Today I released a new set of presets strictly for the high res mode files.  These presets bring the files back to life.  Simply put…you aren’t getting the most out of them until you see what they could be with these presets.  It took a lot of work to get something I was satisfied with.  I can say these are worth it.  I use them for my clients and my personal projects.  And after a long time coming, I feel they are ready for you as well.

Check out the new presets here, along with the video.

March 16, 2020

2 responses on "High Res mode files IMPROVED!"

  1. Hi,
    Can these high res files be used in Olympus Workspace?

    • Hi Tom, as far as I know they can not be used in Workspace. They are Lightroom based. You could definitely look at the settings I use and see if similar settings work for you in workspace. Or it might offer insight as to adjustments. That would assume you use both programs though.

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