E-M1 mkIII updates and other news

Several updates.  Let’s get started:

1. The Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for the E-M1.2 DOES fit the E-M1.3.  I can 100% confirm this.  See photo above.  Perfect fit.

2. I purchased the E-M1.3.  I’ve also come up with a new button configuration that I will discuss later.  I like it, it works for me.  So far so good.  I’m also curious to do some side by side testing, as ISO 6400 seemed cleaner to me visually… but I cannot confirm any image quality changes yet as I’ve only done one shoot with the camera, and it was at ISO 200 the whole time.  Expect my thoughts and little refinements and discoveries I come across in another week or so.

3.  I finally bought my own copy of the 17mm Pro.  I find the manual focus clutch looser than I remember the other times i’ve used it.  It still has excellent response and control when manually focusing…but it just seems looser compared to the other pro lenses.  And the other copies at the store were identical.  Maybe its just me.  Do you have this lens?  How is the clutch compared to your other Pro lenses?  Otherwise, this lens is AMAZING.  If you haven’t seen my review of it, check it out here.

4. I got to try out the 12-45 Pro.  No quality comments yet as I didn’t spend too much time with it.  However, I will say it is for sure lighter and slimmer in feel than the 12-40 Pro.  It doesn’t seem that much shorter, but on an E-M5, 10, or E-PL, there will be a noticeable difference in overall use.  It’s small in hand.  If it provides quality at the same level of the other Pro glass, this lens will be a great landscape/nature travel alternative.

5. Shout out to Rob Trek!  He is a local Olympus user and YouTuber and all around awesome guy.  Pay his channel a visit.  He has some great conversations going on, and lots of good content to check out.  You can also visit his website, RobTrek.com.  Do yourself a favor and give him a listen!

6. Speaking of Rob Trek, we were at the Olympus Break Free event at District Camera.  Olympus held it here locally the other night.  Joe Edelman was presenting.  He was totally great.  He also makes some great videos about portraits and lighting.  Definitely check him out too.  Being totally honest…I was blown away by the turnout.  It was packed…at least 70 people by my guess.  Far more than the E-M1X hands on event got last year this time.  People seemed VERY excited to see the mkIII and try things out.  I was glad to see such a turnout.

These cameras are amazing.  I still think Olympus doesn’t market the system benefits nearly enough.  Such a customizable camera can be tuned to any genre or style so well.  Being able to express how this camera adapts to you, shrinks the gear footprint, and provides quality that is amazing is important.  Olympus does a good job…but I think there is major room to grow the message.

So did you get an E-M1.3 yet?  If so, what prompted it?

I made the move because I realized I prefer using three of the same style sensor with 4k and log instead of 2 E-M1s and a mkII for video.  I usually do 3 cameras for interviews and such.  Right now I will be using an E-M1.2, 3, and X.  And the MyMenu feature is a big thing for me.


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  1. Having searched for a good L-bracket for my E-M1.2 FOR “ages”, shying away from the RRS (because of the high price, especially for us Europeans), I just picked up the 3 Legged Thing “Ellie short PD”. I find it to be very well made and an almost perfect match for the MkII. The PD-version adds compatibility with Peak Design Capture (v.3) which is a huge bonus for me and the reason it’s now permanently attached to my camera. The vertical plate can also fairly easily be removed.

    As for the MkIII, I’m now firmly in the “I want it” camp. All the incremental updates makes it quite alluring. The hard part is the need for a way to justify the upgrade financially… 🙄

  2. 1. Yes, the RRS bracket and other accessories fit the mkIII perfectly which is a huge benefit for those adding or switching to a mkIII.
    2. According to Bill Claff, the measured ISO range is shifted to the left ~ 0.5 EV so less highlight protection but more shadow detail. Compare the same image from your mkII at ISO 4000 or 5000 to ISO 6400 on the mkIII.
    3. Indeed the clutch on the 17 PRO feels less premium than the 25 and 45. Incidentally my 25 and 45 are both made in Japan whereas the 17 is made in Vietnam. The performance of the 17 though is every bit as good as the other PRO primes.

    I picked up the mkIII for $1599 USD with the current promotion – outstanding value for a do-it-all camera.

  3. Pre-ordered the E-M1m3 and received on day 1. Absolutely loving it. It’s incredibly versatile and the features are very useful.

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