E-M1 mkIII Button Layout

Unfortunately you can’t load presets from one camera to another across models.  As I was entering in all my custom options to my new E-M1.3, I decided to switch things up slightly.  I am trying a new button layout that I like a lot so far.

Fn – Magnify (or exp, whatever they call this button, it used to be Fn2 on the E-m1.2)
Rec – HDR
AEL – Peaking
ISO – Rear button AF (this button used to be called Fn1 on the E-M1.2)
Fn Lever – Focus Style S-AF+MF / C-AF + Tr
Joystick – FP select
Joystick Button – FP Home
Body 1 – Custom WB
Body 2 – Live ND (or bracketing set to focus stacking, depends what I am doing)
Lens Button – DOF Preview

I find this works well for me because I do a lot of manual focusing and critical checking.  So both peaking and magnify are handy to have accessible.  I also do a lot of HDR.  Having the button accessible immediately is nice so I can turn it on and off and adjust the brackets quickly.  I have the direction pad turned off now.  I am trying to train my hand to just use the joystick for FP selection.  We’ll see how it goes.  Having Live ND on a button, and generally set to ND8 is nice.  It’s another feature I use often and having that quickly be on and off is nice.  I am adjusting ISO and white balance from the super control panel now.  I find this just as fast.  Especially when the SCP remembers what you last adjusted.

Between this and some key items in the MyMenu, there is no more menu diving.  Everything I need is immediately accessible.


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