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I got an email the other day about workshop-style event Olympus was going to hold locally on Light painting.  Looked interesting so I signed up.  I visited the Olympus site and realized they do a LOT of events.  Have you ever been to any of these?  What did you think?  The local one i’m attending is only two hours, so I figure it’s more of an introduction to the topic and some practical tips as opposed to a masterclass for instance.  It should be fun nonetheless.

Here is the link for those of you in the states…Olympus Learning Center.

I’m sure they have similar pages for their rest of the world sites.

Meanwhile…we are apparently getting close to the E-M1.3 announcement.  Rumors as always seem to downplay and kill the excitement for new items.  My take…wait for the real release…and then try it out.  Get to an event or rent one and see if it’s a real upgrade for you or not.  I’ve very curious.  An E-M1X in a small body would be wonderful.  Then again, I have really grown to love the E-M1X despite the grip.  It’s just inconvenient in some bags and light travel.  As a main working body though…best camera ever.


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