Olympus Capture and OSX Catalina fixed! Tethering available again!

Olympus Capture now works again!  Actually it was never Olympus’ software… it was a bug in OSX Catalina 10.15.2 that broke tethering and certain USB connections across the board.  Canon, Phase One, Fuji, Olympus… didn’t matter what you used.  Tethering didn’t work.  Apple broke it.  Well after over a month and a half of waiting, Apple quietly released 10.15.3.  I have downloaded it and confirmed that all functionality is restored and everything seems to work properly.  I would go ahead and download.  So far so good.

On another note…Olympus’ support was fantastic through this.  It definitely wasn’t their specific software that caused this problem, but their engineers not only communicated with me during this process, but called me directly when an update was released.  They confirmed it on their end, and wanted me to go ahead and give 10.15.3 a shot and confirm back with them my results.  They totally didn’t have to do anything, or take any time with users to deal with an issue that wasn’t technically theirs.  That’s customer service.  Just saying “we are here, we know of the issue, and we are communicating with our engineers in Japan about it as well, and seeing what is possible.  And if there is nothing on our end, then we will keep you in the loop and reach out as soon as there is a fix from Apple.”

And speaking of tethering… the new Tether Tools Air Direct is AMAZING!  More to come on that!  We’ve been shooting with this on location for the last couple weeks and I will have plenty to say about it!  (though I had to shoot with an old laptop running mavericks since tethering was down on catalina systems!)


2 responses on "Olympus Capture and OSX Catalina fixed! Tethering available again!"

  1. Not Working for me. I am running OSX 10.15.3 on a new MacBook Pro 13. I am trying to set it up but the tethering fails and Olympus Capture requires a force quit. Trying to connect Olympus OMD 1 mk2 wired and with Tether Tools Air connect. Both work fine on my iMac running Mojave. Any ideas?

    • Tether Tools is going to let everyone know as soon as they have some form of response… this has been quite the struggle for A LOT of people in the camera world. It’s not only Olympus, but every brand that got hit with this.

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