Amazing footage with the new E-M1 mark III

Hey everyone, I just had to share a video that has been making its rounds on the net.  Chris Eyre-Walker is a well known Olympus Photographer that has put together a video to help the promo of the E-M1.3.  Olympus helped sponsor the video.  Regardless, it was a two person team that filmed the whole thing with the new camera.  I imagine this was primarily available light, and they were not adding a huge production behind them.

I’ve seen some really random reviews online with people saying the menus are illogical and the camera is behind in terms of tech and what it brings.  Actually, the menus are very logical in my opinion…there are just a LOT of options that most people are not familiar with or accustomed to having to choose and set.  Where menu items are is very straight forward I think.  Also… behind in tech…Olympus?!?!?!  Misinformed reviewers, or biased i guess.  Bottom line, I have nothing invested in this.  No one supports my site but you, and I put food on my table by creating images that sell for clients.  I have access to and can use any camera system I want.  I don’t pick Olympus by accident.

So for anyone wondering if the camera is good enough, check out Chris’ video.  And if the latest Olympus tech is behind, or not capable… then please tell me what on Earth would a “better camera” do that would improve upon these results?  I know this post sounds a little ranty…but it amazes me what I see online sometimes.  Enjoy the video…

And Chris if you run by this… your work rocks and we should get together some time!

Oh and by the way…make sure to watch it full screen at the high res options.  It is totally worth it.



3 responses on "Amazing footage with the new E-M1 mark III"

  1. I love m1 II
    I was looking forward to this release.
    But I am sitting with a feeling like the mark 3
    Has been rushed out. That it should have been more but it was more important to get a model out the door now.

    I had hope that the view finder at least had the m1x
    That both card slots had been uhs-2

    I had hoped for a new generation sensor. One that had given a bit on the nouse floor.

    As for now I find it very hard to justify an upgrade
    From mark II to III
    and if mark IV will be 3.5 years from now will the mark III then be relevant at all.

    Makes me a bit sad.


  2. You know… I see this across the board. We are all hoping for a little more, a little more, etc… I was really hoping for the E-M1X body minus the grip. Literally. It’s slightly larger, but far more ergonomic. It’s just really nice to hold. So I was hoping they would use that as the pro model. Oh well. Same with the viewfinder. The E-M1X viewfinder is definitely nicer. Is the current one unusable? No, it fact it’s great too. Just…a little less great. The UHS-II is one I expected them to address. I am really surprised they didn’t. Not sure why they chose not to. I wonder if it’s because video is only going to one card. On The E-M1X you can switch recording slots on the fly with a button… maybe that deemed it necessary for both to be equal? No clue.

    Honestly, with the E-M1X and the E-M1.3 out within a year from now, and knowing we have a 3 – 4 year upgrade cycle… that gives me hope that real firmware upgrades with be given out. I think with all the extra power the cameras have internally, there is room for features they haven’t yet announced. Maybe. Maybe not. I think they will keep both cameras relevant until the next cycle.

  3. The new eye AF appears to be greatly improved. I’m hoping this will come to the EM1 X via FW update soon.

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