Olympus Capture and OSX Catalina 10.15.2 doesn’t work!

Quick update… If you have updated to the latest version of Catalina you will find that Olympus Capture no longer works!  Olympus is working on an update ASAP.  Hopefully sooner than later…I’ll keep you posted!  In the mean time, don’t update like I did if you rely on this.  ::sigh::  I know better too…


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  1. Since I rarely tether and am still on Mojave, I haven’t tried this myself but I’ve heard that Olympus Workspace now has tethering and works with Catalina.

  2. …and actually replaced Capture(?).

  3. I would cry if Olympus Workspace replaced Capture. I did double check… just in case. No, Olympus Workspace does not support tether capture at all. In fact, Capture gives you the option to send images to Olympus Workspace just as you would any other program like Lightroom or Capture One.

    Olympus Workspace gained “connected editing” which is like tethering in order to use your camera to do the image processing for you. However, it can’t actually capture the images. Capture provides a full blown interface to control the camera remotely, have a live view, and shoot and adjust most settings in the camera from the computer live.

    Capture will be getting an update very soon. This same issue plagued Phase One, and even still some people are having issues with Capture One tethering because of 10.15.2 Catalina. Hopefully this gets resolved very soon.

  4. OK, good news then and I’m glad I was wrong as I’m happy with Capture.

  5. Olympus workspace does replace the 32 bit Camera Updater for updating firmware. It works but I stick with Capture 1 for editing. I updated Capture since 15.1 was working well and am now stuck on tethering, I’m glad to hear a fix is coming.

    Capture 1 v20 does work with Olympus files when I tether with Olympus Capture and it’s fast. However it won’t tether my Canon 1Dx and since Catalina 15.1 even C1 v12 is hard to tether to Canon. They say they are also working on a fix. I mention Canon in this forum only because the problem seems to have hit all brands. I am told Nikon as well.

  6. Yes Peter, that’s it! I got my wires crossed. Sorry for the confusion, Tony!

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