FilmConvert Presets available for OM-Log 400

FilmConvert announced today their release of camera packs for Olympus!  Finally!  They offer both the E-M1.2 and the X…but I assume they are technically the same?  I couldn’t tell the difference in my testing… so I assume it will also be the same for the E-M5.3.  Basically if you use FilmConvert software as a color grading tool, now the conversion from log to their film looks works very well, and is much faster and easier to deal with.  You can select from Flat, Log, and Natural profiles and filmconvert will adjust itself to work with which mode you shot on.  I like that they added both flat and natural too.  Sometimes you don’t need to shoot log but want a quick color to match other footage you did shoot in log from the same project.

I am by no means an expert in color grading from LOG or for video…but I use filmconvert and get great results.  This definitely is worth downloading if you use Olympus with filmconvert.

Here is a quick example showing LOG and then graded with the LUTs.  No big adjustments otherwise.  Footage was handheld…either E-M1X or mk2…can’t remember.  Lens was most likely the 12-40 Pro.


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