Changing seasons!

Hey everyone!  I’m still here!  Been buried under work and travel.  Quite a season its been.  Literally trying to find extra hours in the day.  I have so much in que for this site at like 80% finished it’s ridiculous!   That 20% is the hard part… i’m going to try and push through.  I’ve been traveling constantly for photoshoots.  I will start posting more of it here as well.  I think it could be interesting.  I do have to say, it is really nice to be able to travel with a laptop, 2 bodies, and 3 lenses in a small bag that still offers full blown pro results.

Now a few quick items I want to touch on… that I will have posts about soon.  First, you need to check out Tether Tools new product if you tether!  This is AMAZING!  Basically a wireless cable replicator!  I’ve waited my whole life for this.  Full blown wifi tether with all functions as if a cable is connected.  This is a game changer.  An actual one.  I preordered one immediately and will have a full review of how amazing it is with Olympus Capture as soon as it arrives.  It can’t arrive soon enough.

Second…a lot of people have been asking me about lights and my coming review of the godox system.  That is still in the works… but it changed.  I bought into a THIRD lighting system.  I have been using three lighting systems side by side for several months now and my thoughts and ideas have changed completely.  I will present this updated view shortly as well.  As usual, this will come completely from day in and out use…and even my own client’s thoughts.  Imagine that…clients giving feedback on my gear on site!

And a heads up about Hi Res files… I think… I think I got it.  I think I finally nailed processing that works really well.  In fact, better than the JPG engine most of the time.  More to come on that.

Here is a shot from a recent travel day.  My assistant and I decided to drive home through the mountains.  Why not right?

Orange glow of autumn
November 18, 2019

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  1. Love reading your stuff. Glad to see you back again.

  2. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Professor Prem raj PushpakaranJanuary 4, 2020 at 11:25 pmReply

    Professor Prem raj Pushpakaran writes — 2019 marks the 100th year of Olympus!!!

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