Slowly catching up!

I feel like it’s been a while!  You know what it means if it’s been quiet around here…  Commercial requests took hold and i’ve been working non-stop.  This is peak busy season for the region I am in and we have had good weather so far.

I have gotten to really live with the E-M1X on the road, airports, shoots, every where.  It has been very interesting and I will have a write up shortly about my thoughts so far.  I also have all kinds of great updates coming for the presets and the other dozen projects I have on my plate for this site!  We’ll get there.

I finally purchased my own copy of the 8mm fisheye.  Did I ever mention I LOVE that lens?  Best fisheye made in my opinion.

And what absence would be complete without a small selection of what I’ve been up to.  At least, from what I am able to publish at the moment.

Enjoy the shots.  I will be getting my posts back together and hopefully we can be regular again!  I’ll do my best!

Hand held high res and slightly cropped


Through glass. Underside of an urchin.


Live ND mode.


Lifestyle shoot E-M1X


Another from the same shoot.


Another lifestyle shot.


8-18mm Lighting composite.


Bus interior for a promo.


Twilight exterior with light painting.


Another lifestyle shot.


Exterior image showcasing the lighting for a designer.


Chef portrait for True Foods Kitchen restaurant group.


A bar shot from a new True Foods Kitchen restaurant.


Quick detail from the previous shoot.


The BMW i8 could not have picked a better day to be in my shot. This is the unedited version of a composite for an EV charging promo.


The E-M1X can track fish in a dark aquarium the best I have seen from a camera yet!


I love this blue interior!


Lounge interior for an apartment building.

2 responses on "Slowly catching up!"

  1. Nice shots. I just got the EM1 MII with the 12-100mm f4 Pro lense and am interested in trying sports, gym, and lifestyle photography. Do you have some tips for getting into that?

    I’ll be checking out your site regularly now. First time I came across it.

    • Hi Jeffrey,
      I don’t have too much experience in the athletic world. I do shoot some lifestyle work for clients, and this is generally very staged and lit work. Most of what I do ends up being very architectural, but adding the human element in a very intentional way. I do this like all my other work, I decide what everything should look like then I figure out what needs to be lit, etc… The 12 – 100 is a great range for that and covers everything you need. In terms of these areas, if you have any specific questions, or want to chat deeper, i’de be more able to refine my answers or advice based on more specifics. Drop me a line!

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