New firmware update notes!

E-M1X won’t update a lens with two batteries loaded.  I needed to take out one battery for the E-M1X to be able to update lens firmware.  I did not try to update to 1.1 because I have major shoots coming up that I don’t want to bother with firmware until after.

E-M1 mkII updated to version 3 with no problem.  Some notes…

  1. Custom Menu A1, AF+MF is OFF by default.  Turn this back on if you use S-AF+MF or C-AF+MF.
  2. Custom Menu E1. Low ISO processing… change this to Detail priority for best image quality, or Drive priority if you need the fastest FPS you can get.



5 responses on "New firmware update notes!"

  1. Leo-Guy de RepentignyJune 21, 2019 at 3:22 pmReply

    Since upgrading to V.3, I can’t transfer my photos from M1 Mark II using the usb connection to Lightroom 6 Mac.

    • Where you downloading directly via Lightroom 6? I normally would tether via Olympus Capture. Were you doing straight image transfer like the camera was a memory card or drive recognized by the computer? Make sure you select the correct setting on the back of the camera you connect. See if image capture app (on the mac) recognizes it.

      • You know.. it might be my copy of the teleconverter. I’ve had my 40-150 repaired multiple times and they have adjusted its focus based on my requests… so between that and tolerances…I might just have a slightly subpar combination. There is no adjustment for the teleconverter either. I should try a different one. (I use the 40-150 A LOT and it has had several accidents!)

  2. Hi, I have e-m1 with firmware 3.1 and lens 1.2, is this the latest for this camera? someone told me there was upgrade, but can only see them for the mkii. many thanks

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