E-M1 mkII v3 S-AF+MF

For anyone that has upgraded the firmware for the E-M1.2 late to version 3, you may have noticed that S-AF + MF is missing as an option.  Olympus changed the way that works and moved the option to it’s own space.

Go to Custom Menu A1

Select AF+MF (its the new option in the list, second from the top)

Turn this option ON

Now all your focus modes will have MF added as well.  This way you can manually adjust focus and/or autofocus.  If you keep this option off, you can still manually focus if you have a clutch on the lens.  That goes to MF only however, as usual.  If you used S-AF+MF before and you had that saved in your custom settings, you will need to turn this option on and then re-save your custom setting to register the change.


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