Don’t update to E-M1mkII V3 firmware if you shoot video!!!!

Wait a second if you shoot video!  Don’t update to E-M1 mkII firmware V3 just yet!  I did…and this is what comes up!

  1. In video mode, C4K seems to have a bug.  If you autofocus it reverts to F/2.8 at 1/250 of a second and no log mode with a quick crash.  The camera screen turns off and the camera takes a few seconds to come back on.  You can’t S-AF in C4k.
  2. The exposure meter in video mode has disappeared.

So far every thing else seems ok…i’ll keep digging.

However this cripples video mode temporarily.  So hold off if you use this mode!  Hopefully this is just a firmware bug with a fast correction.  Or just my camera.  (doubt that…)  Have you found any other bugs with this firmware?

–Update 1– In regards to issue 1, the crashing in C4k…the 8mm fisheye, 25mm f/1.8, 40-150 Pro, and 12-40mm Pro don’t seem to cause this and seem operational.  The 17 1.8, 30 macro, 60 macro, and 45 1.8 all cause this.  I have yet to test other lenses at the moment.  I am awaiting a call back from Olympus engineers.  Let’s hope this gets resolved asap!

–Update 2– I backed up all my settings.  Reset the camera fully.  (Shooting menu 1, reset, FULL) Then reloaded all my settings.  Video doesn’t crash anymore…but the exposure meter is still gone in manual video mode. Strange.  Olympus is aware of this…so we’ll see.  Take note… rear button focus would not work in video mode if I did a reset, even after setting the options.  However, it did work if I reloaded my settings.  Something is wonky in the firmware it seems.  Or who knows… hopefully we can resolve this soon.


9 responses on "Don't update to E-M1mkII V3 firmware if you shoot video!!!!"

  1. Ugh.

    Well at least I’m succinct.

  2. The blessing of having unlimited customization and deep options beyond any other camera.
    The curse of having unlimited customization and deep options beyond any other camera.

    That might be our new slogan.

  3. I’m still on FW 1.4. Not going to update it ever. Good as is,

  4. I’ll take having unlimited customization and deep options beyond any other camera any day of the week.

  5. Another problem with video and firmware 3.0
    I have been using the HDMI out in RECORD mode to enable me to make long recordings on an ATOMOS Ninja Flame. This has worked perfectly and I have been able to get very long recording of high quality video (hours) from the camera. I have been using the internal microphone on the camera and it has worked well.
    However with the 3.0 update the audio out is distorted and not synchronised with the video.
    I am going to try an external mike on the camera to see what happens ( I usually record sound on a seperate recorder i.e ZOOM as well anyway so I can fix the problem in post production but it is extra work I can do without especially as i will not have a good audio track on the video)
    I will have to go back to 2.3 I am afraid.

  6. For #2. What position did you have your Fn Switch set to? For me Position 1 has the exposure meter (in P mode) & Position 2 has the Mic Volume adjustment.

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