Quick update…

Just got back in from a long trip.  Lots to catch up on, lots of files to process, lots to discuss!  More in a couple days!  I was hoping to have the 12-200 with me on this trip but it didn’t happen.  This trip more and more had me thinking that is going to be an excellent lens to have on hand though…  I can’t wait to try it.

April 9, 2019

3 responses on "Quick update..."

  1. Missing your usefull post! :-)
    All the best,

    • Been traveling for some shoots… lots of great stuff to post when I’m back!

      • Hehe, ok. Sorry, this was not meant to bug you at all, just a feeble way of telling you that I really like your articles and website, and hope you will continue!

        All the best,

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