IBIS, telephoto, and tripods…your thoughts?

Quick post…i’ve been doing some testing and getting some interesting results that i’m not quite sure of yet.

I was making some images with the 40-150 Pro at 150mm at fairly close distance.  About 8 feet from a tripod.  First curtain electronic shutter is on.  And even with that, at this focal length and slower shutters I can see a little shutter shock.  Mild, but present.  Electronic shutter fully makes a difference.  However, aside from that… I am actually getting better results leaving IBIS on.  This is contrary to what I am used to.  The shots are definitely sharper with IBIS on.

Do you have any thoughts or experience with this?  I’m curious to hear some opinions.  Normally it is common knowledge to turn off IBIS when on a tripod.


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  1. My experience with Olympus IBIS (from four different models with 5-axis and a large number of lenses) is that it works splendidly on tripods too, so I never turn it off and have never had a reason to regret it. Maybe there are some special cases where it fails, I don’t know.

    With lens based stabilization, it seems to vary with lens model (according to a Canon shooting friend of mine that did some thorough testing a couple of years ago).

    • For long exposures I would typically turn it off. This is my first time examining this at telephoto length. Often I forget it on when going back and fourth between handheld and never noticed adverse affects at normal exposure lengths on short Tele and wider.

      • For me, it’s worked flawlessly at any focal length and for both long and short exposures. I’d say that most of my shooting is done on a tripod and more than half of it is long exposures, although since I got the E-M1 mkII, I’ve moved to 90% high res mode (so no IBIS) for long exposure landscapes. It’s pretty much only for the rare darkest night photography, where the effective shutter speed will be too long, that I shoot at 20MP.

        I suppose one could save battery life turning off IBIS for regular long exposures, but is there any other practical reason? I’d say that my main reason for not turning IBIS off is so that I won’t forget to turn it on again for handheld shooting (potentially blowing my first couple of shots handheld after an LE session).

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