E-M1X Quick Menu Initial Layout

Olympus just keeps adding options!  It is insane how much customization this camera has.  THANKFULLY they added a quick menu.  I will post about how to use this another day, but I know Olympus will be adding this to their cameras from now on…it really helps.

If you are just overwhelmed at the though of what to add or how to organized, let me share what I found to be a good initial setup for the quick menu.  I’ll also list my options, but feel free to make this work for you. Select the options you find yourself needing to access all the time.

First, I establish what my main areas are.  So I have three pages.

Page 1 – Shooting needs
Page 2 – Video needs
Page 3 – Functionality Needs

This lets me remember exactly where my stuff is.  Here is what my menu looks like and why.

Page 1 – Shooting Needs
–Live View Boost (turn this on and off constantly)
–Live ND Shooting & settings (to adjust settings)
–High Res Shot (I adjust the Charge time and pre-delay)
–Multiple Exposures
–Tracking Subject (quick access to turning it off or on)
–Beep (quick access to turn off the focus chirp depending what environment I am in.  And I generally don’t use silent mode)

Page 2 – Video Needs
–IS Level (yeah this is nice!)
–Picture Mode (quick access to log profiles when I need them)
–View Assist (even quicker access to turning this on and off as reference)

Page 3 Functionality Needs
–Card Setup (format every time!)
–Wi-Fi Bluetooth Settings (i keep mine off until I actually use it)
–Wi-fi Connect (once I turn it on, I can immediately connect now instead of going to the play menu!)
–Record GPS location (quick access when I need it)
–GPS priority (backs up the previous option)
–LCD Brightness control
–EVF Brightness Control  (both screen and EVF brightness for when I am working in darker scenarios.)


I still have two more open pages that are unused.  Even my first two pages aren’t filled.  Don’t feel you need to fill them.  Just use them to get to the stuff that you utilize in practice consistently.  That way this becomes the only menu you actually deal with.  Between this, the SCP, and the buttons customized, you should almost never need to go into the other menus.  I also keep my menu set to recall my previous location.  So that means when I leave my menu on Page 1, the next time I hit the menu button I come right back to this.  This becomes my default menu view.  I like that a lot.  I encourage you to think about how you shoot and see if organizing in this way works for you too.  Again, adjust based on your needs, but keep things organized.  It makes it easier to intuitively use later when you are in the field.


2 responses on "E-M1X Quick Menu Initial Layout"

  1. Have you any idea if / when this feature will be on E-M1 Mk2?

    • Sooner the better is all I can say! I have no inside information unfortunately…but I bet all future models will have it. And my hope is that the E-M1.2 gets a nice strong firmware update this summer or fall and hopefully that is included. It makes a huge difference day to day.

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