E-M1X Power Bank options

I’ve been looking at what options I have to power the E-M1x via USB PD and it is not as easy as it would seem with all the options out there.

The E-M1X needs a power bank that is compliant with USB PD.  The “output” specifications must offer either 9v 3a, 15v 2a, or 15v 3a.  That’s it.  If it doesn’t offer one of those three, I would not use it…or it may not work at all.  Not sure I would take the chance with other units not meeting the required specs.

A lot of the power banks out there list a lot of options…make sure you read the output spec.  A lot of power banks do not offer one of these.  So far this is one that I found.  One of the few.  “Powerbank on Amazon

I have no affiliation with that product or amazon, there is no benefit to me if you order it.  I have not tried it, and you do so at your own risk!  It is not a recommendation, just one unit I found at the moment while doing my research.  Once I get one and successfully confirm it, I will post an update here.  Have you found any good power banks that work with the E-M1X that you recommend?


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  1. Not all power banks, even if they meet the spec for PD delivery, will work. I tried a FLOUREON USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank 26800mAh 60W PD Portable Charger and either there’s a fault with the charger or it is not compatible with the 1X. I ended up sending it back to Amazon for refund. I ordered Omni Mobile 25,600 mAh, but it has not shipped yet.

    On another note, WU191400 is the part number for spare battery tray for the E-M1X. Olympus EU is carrying them. I’m waiting for Olympus USA to start carrying them. Very handy when in the middle of an intensive shoot and replacing exhausted batteries is a lot faster with a per-loaded battery tray like in the middle of finish line activities at a bike-a-thon.

  2. Received email from customer support at Olympus, they expect to have spare battery trays available at Olympus USA by the end of April.

  3. Hallo there…one question please …what power bank can i use for EM1 mkii ?link please if you can….thank you and keep up your great work Tony !

  4. Standard powerbanks as used for usb 5.0 v charging of cell phones work on the em1x but only for charging the internal battery/s while the power switch is ‘OFF’.. to make the camera work of the power bank supply , the bower-bank needs to have Power-Delivery (PD) capability ..i.e. voltages and currents higher than 5.0 v /1A.. when such a capable power-bank is connected to the camera the camera detects and displays the higher voltage and current capability and one can use the camera directly using the power supply from the power-bank ( but this does not work if the battery compartment is empty-no batteries ..so you have to have at least one battery in the body to use USB PD )..i use the “HyperJuice AC Battery Pack” which also gives me line voltage AC (220 V) or USB (Quick Charge) + regular USB voltages (5.0v)..i also use this to charge my Macbook while travelling (in India)..i do have power supply problems for a few days at times in the forest/mountain remote areas..so i have quite a variety of power banks all USB-5.0v ..even my solar-powered (‘SUNJACK” ) power-bank charges the EM1x (while the camera is OFF .

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