Working some bugs out…again…

Hey, bear with me… launching the new site but as always there were some hiccups in the launch process.  We are busy fixing a bunch of small items behind the scenes.  Everything should be back to normal shortly.  I will make a post when everything is actually up and running.  So for now…comments and posts that are missing, or some products being out of stock… its only for a moment!  Check back soon and hopefully we will be off to the races!  Thanks! -Tony

–Update on Feb 16–
Everything is working as it should 99% …that last 1%… sigh.  Some strange bugs keep popping up that were not there in the testing phase.  So weird.  Anyways, if you experience anything weird, or non functional, do let me know!  I am actively fixing these.  There are a few more bugs that were discovered that im taking care of now.  Almost there.  Now i know what the camera engineers must feel like when they release a camera and then need to a do a bunch of updates.   Speaking of, the E-M1 firmware is apparently downloadable again.  They fixed the bug they missed.

–Update on Feb 22–
Almost there!  The site has been getting progressively slower on the shared hosting I was on this past year.  Not sure if you experienced it slow…but my backend sure was getting sluggish.  With this new update…whew.  Just too far.  So amidst the bug hunt I have switched hosting servers to a much better platform.  Now this site should be faster than an E-M1X’s electronic shutter!  Regardless, still working out some random little coding glitches.  If you come across any, please let me know.  Otherwise…i think we are just about there!

February 27, 2019

2 responses on "Working some bugs out...again..."

  1. Hi, I have yet to receive a activation
    link email so I can log onto your website. It has been over 24 hours since I registered for your website, I even requested a new link to be emailed to me but again no email was sent.
    Thanks for looking into this.

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