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Over the course of this site overhaul, i’ve noticed a few areas that I can really improve upon.  This site is not a “review” site nor a slick B-roll laden “follow me playing with gear adventure.”  This is a site to teach you how to use your tools better and become far more efficient with them, in order to make better images.  I firmly believe gear needs to “disappear” in your hands so you can focus solely on your subject and creating that image that is in your head.  To do so requires familiarity, experience, and competency with the tools you choose to use.

I can’t give you experience…that takes you putting in the time.  We all have to do that.  At best, I can share my experiences so you maybe gain some insight from the work I have put in over the years.

I can’t make you familiar with your subject and what you love to shoot.  You need to discover on your own…thats why we love photography right?

I can make you more competent however.  The more you use a tool, the more time you spend with it, and the more you understand how it works, the easier it is for it to become second nature.  The easier it will “disappear” while you work.  (and reading the manual helps too!  We’ve all had that moment…)

Olympus cameras have been a tool that have allowed me to expand my creativity and vision and reignited the fun I have doing this work.  That’s why I wanted to share with you, and why this site exists.  I am going to revisit this core value a lot more.  I have started a new resources page that consolidates guides, tips, how-tos, and more into one area broken down by subject.  I will be expanding this section heavily over this next year.  I want to make sure that even the small stuff that makes a huge difference to me day to day makes it onto this page.  Because I know it will lead to better images for you.  Better images because you will become intuitive with your gear, and now how to utilize features and functions in a way that further enables your process.

You can find this new page from the top menu under Resources, “Camera setup, How to, tips.”

I believe this should be the most active page on this site.  So expect a lot more to come as I refocus my efforts to ensure this website is truly serving its mission well.


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