E-M1 Firmware 4.5 pulled back…

Apparently the recent firmware update for the E-M1 got pulled back. Can’t really comment as to why, but some times are reporting there was a noise issue or something. Regardless, we should see something new as soon as possible. Usually they have been pretty good about patching things up.

Meanwhile lets think about this… firmware version 4.5??? Wow…how many electronics do you know that even have a lifespan long enough to get that high. It was their early pro model, and a lot happened during it’s tenure, but still that is quite a bit of updating. I am hoping the mkII version sees an equally long lifespan of support.

February 6, 2019

1 responses on "E-M1 Firmware 4.5 pulled back..."

  1. Just found your site..keep it up..I need this ..hope they work out the firmware issues on EM 1

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