Olympus 150-400 F/4.5 Pro lens Announced!

I find this to be a very attractive looking lens.

150-400 F/4.5… wow. That sounds like the ultimate nature/wildlife combo if you have a second body with the 12-100mm attached. Two lenses, two cameras, and everything from 12-500mm accessible at a constant aperture. (I say 500mm because this lens has a built in 1.25 teleconverter.) That is INSANE. And it will all fit in a smaller pack and weigh less than carry a 600 F/4 or anything similar. And from the pictures it looks rather small in diameter and length. Dare I say actually hand-holdable? I am hoping it doesn’t weigh too much more than the 300mm Pro. Unfortunately Olympus says the lens won’t be released until 2020.

I do notice that the lens foot is arca-swiss ready! That means it fits right on our quick release plates from RRS, Kirk, Arca, etc… Why doesn’t everyone do that?

I can’t really tell, and it might be too early…but it doesn’t appear to take filters. A drop-in style polarizer would be nice, or some kind of front filter maybe? Specs will be revealed later…but I sure hope there is SOME kind of filter ability. We’ll see. No price yet either…let’s hope it’s not as scary as the Canon 200-400.

I’m looking forward to this lens.

January 29, 2019

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