MC-20 Teleconverter announced!

Pictures and announcement can be read over at Dpreview. Basically Olympus has announced the new MC-20 2x teleconverter that should be released Summer 2019. This is a very great announcement. I honestly hope this converter is very high quality. In fact, I hope it is much better than the MC-14. The MC-14 is good, but it never thrilled me. Most TCs don’t. This converter on the 40-150 would give us an 80-300 F/5.6. (or 160-600mm in equivalent terms!) For a lot of people, the 40-150 and this converter would create a total telephoto package without the need for other lenses. Going light in the field would be excellent. Especially for a lens that would be smaller and more flexible than both the new 150-400 and the Panasonic 100-400. Plus excellent macro. Which is the other big item…apparently the magnification has doubled as well. That makes for quite the interesting semi-macro lens. We’ll see this summer! I’ll be getting my hands on this as soon as it is available.


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  1. How strange, as I look on the Olympu site on Product news, there is no message about a x2 telconverter???

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