E-M1X Teaser

Olympus published this on their YouTube channel. It’s the teaser for their upcoming flagship model. Apparently being announced later this month. I won’t delve into the rumors or anything. I think halo models are good for manufacturers. I also think they need a couple key cameras with a clear marketing message beneath it to support and round out the options that are accessible to normal users. More on that in another post.

Do take notice however. The first lens shown appears to be the 300mm Pro. The other lens in the video seems the be the 40-150. However it has a really strange hood. I can’t seem to find this hood or reference to it anywhere…even from the third party offerings. Do you know what this is or have you seen it before?


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  1. Olympus Visionary and sports photographer Kelley E. Cox has confirmed that it is her in the video and that the rubber lens hood is her own. She says this is required for pool sports. Another Olympus user asked her this on Twitter.

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